Pointers on Writing an Editorial

1. Make the editorial interesting enough to read.
2. Develop it from one specific, limited idea, phrased in one sentence, and expand it into the body of the editorial.
3. Have a purpose well in mind which should be accomplished with sufficient data.
4. Organize all data into well-reasoned arguments, with each argument leading up to the conclusion.
5. Peg the lead sentence on a recent relevant news for its impact value.
6. Present both sides of an issue and clarify tricky aspects with a widely understood analogy or with an illustration that makes for easier understanding.
7. Direct the editorial towards the establishment of a consensus.
8. Is the writing simple, direct, clear, and forceful?
9. Does it not carry a double meaning?
10. Does it reflect clear, logical thinking?
11. Is the subject matter significant to the students, the school, the community, and the country?
12. Are the sentences and paragraphs relatively short?


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